Cheat Codes – Don’t Say No (Milk N Cooks Remix) [Free Download]

Milk N Cooks are back and this time they are remixing LA DJ trio Cheat Codes. The vocals come from Portland power couple Dresses, so the total people involved in this track is up to 7 now. Pretty much a gangbang that we doubt you will “Say No” too. We hope we have your consent on this free download.

As far as the bullshit description of the song us bloggers are required to do to make it look like we actually deserve our festy passes… I’m just going to let the twins take it on this one.

A dude singing plus a plucky thing and some vocoder culminating in a uber sexual fashion .

Sounds about right. Give them a <3 on HypeM.

Download: Cheat Codes – Don’t Say No (Milk N Cooks Remix)

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