Beatport Releases ‘Stem’ Tracks From Toolroom, Get Physical, Cr2, Minus, Spinnin And More

Ok so what is a “stem?” A stem file is a new kind of audio file that is broken down into four of the track’s key elements; drums, bass, vocals and melody – however, when downloaded, appears as a normal .MP3 file in your library. Essentially, ‘stem’ files allow DJ’s to do open these files as they would in Abelton, but on the fly on their CDJ’s.

For example, say you love the vocals of one track and the beat of the another. Prior to this, a DJ would have had to have received the vocal stem from another artist and upload it to his USB and search for it while spinning live. Now, DJ’s can just go to the ‘stem,’ containing the vocal they want to play, scroll to it and load it to one of their decks (or use it as a sample) and mix it in with whatever is playing on their B, C or D decks. This is pretty revolutionary seeing as though this new technology will allow for incredible creativity on the fly during a live set. Beatport has just released stems from Labels like Toolroom, Get Physical, Cr2, Minus, Spinnin, Suara and many more. Head over to Beatport now to download a stem file and try it our for yourself.

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