Did Kygo & Will Heard Rip Off Stevie Wonder? This Mashup Says Yes.

kygo 2015Photo Credit: Kygo’s Instagram

Look, we’re all about that Kygo life, and have been since day one; but, when a situation presents itself that leaves us scratching our heads even a little bit, we’re going to bring it to your attention.

A few days ago, Kygo released a brand new single, “Nothing Left” with Will Heard:

43 years ago, Stevie Wonder released his infamous “Superstitious” :

And just a few minutes ago, while scrolling through Soundcloud, came upon this upload by RAEVE, pointing out the eerie similarities between the two with a mashup, just listen…:

Sure, it’s 2015 and it’s ridiculously difficult to make a completely original track that you can’t make any connections to – I’m sure you could do this with just about every release nowadays – but damn, intentional or not, this is spot on, right?

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!