Travis Scott Kicked Off Stage At Lollapalooza After One Song For Being A Dumbass


Travis Scott didn’t even have a chance to get the feel of performing Lollapalooza as he was kicked off stage merely 5 minutes in.

What caused this? Word on the interwebz is that he cussed out a security guard, told fans “f*ck security” and told them to jump the barricade and get on stage.

He basically started a riot. And this was after he was 30 minutes late.

One of our writers was there, and the buzz at Lolla is that he actually sprinted away when they were kicking him off and the Chicago PD had to locate him, leading to an arrest. A fan is also rumored to have been arrested.

We’ll keep you updated… EPIC FAIL all around though. But hey, album promo, right?

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