Ghastly – Lil Trick (◕,,,◕) [Free Download]

Ghastly has been rather quiet as of late, but make no mistake, it hasn’t been all for not. Releasing his latest track, “Lil Trick,” on Soundcloud yesterday, Ghastly showed off a track that was started over a year ago but just now dropped. He made a good point in the comment section of the track (I’ll paraphrase), noting that some tracks aren’t released to the public due to the change of production style and growth over the course of time. Clearly, after listening to this one, you can tell that a lot of TLC went into it’s production and the end result was so on point. Grab the track as a free download below and here’s what Ghastly had to say about it:

Super stoked to finally be releasing Lil Trick. I wrote this song a year ago and usually songs that are written a year ago aren’t ever released to the public but this one is important because I feel that it shows a turning point in my production and the direction of my style.” – Ghastly

Free Download: Ghastly – Lil Trick (◕,,,◕)

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