Deadmau5 Drops New Track In Response To Fan’s Challenge


Challenge accepted! On Monday (July 27th), Deadmau5 took to Twitter to share his ‘thought of the hour‘ and tweeted, “128bpm 4/4/snore.” Of course, this provoked the slew of responses, but one in particular caught Joel’s eye. Jez Biggs (feel free to comment if you know who on Earth this is), responded to the Mau5’s tweet with a challenge – and a relatively tough one at that. Biggs suggested that Joel make a track with alternating time signatures of 7/8 3/4 13/16 AND that the track had to be listenable. Within two hours Deadmau5 uploaded what he thought was a ‘listenable’ track and noted that it was “half-assed.” Check out the final product below titled, “78341316,” and read the Twitter conversation that sparked this challenge after the jump.

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