ƱZ – Frontier EP [Out Now]

The mysterious masked DJ/Producer ƱZ has graciously blessed all of us with some trap goodness. Today we have his ‘FrontierEP; four tracks that showcase the undeniable, ominous bass sounds as he explores new sonic influences with menacing intensity. The EP is part of his 45 Track BitTorrent which you can read more about after the jump!

Download: ƱZ – Frontier EP

BitTorrent Bundle Info:

ƱZ’s BitTorrent bundle is a 45-track digital box set containing the ‘Frontier’ EP, select Trap Shit tracks, unreleased tunes, remixes, collaborations, and mixes. Also included is wallpaper, a “Trapslator” (ШῌỊϾῌ ⱢЄ₮Ϩ ΫØṲ ШЯỊ₮Є ⱢỊКЄ ₮ῌỊϨ), and key to unlock the location of the elusive Trap Shit V10 — plus the opportunity to collaborate with ƱZ on an official new release via the T(RAP) Shit Contest, which includes an instrumental to rap over, and instructions for how to enter your track. Download ƱZ’s BitTorrent bundle here.

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