Watch Key & Peele and 2 Chainz Sing Swedish House Mafia, Beyoncé, Macklemore, And More

Key & Peele are constantly pumping out the funniest and most quotable skits on TV and the internet. This time they have formed wedding band supergroup “Absorption“. The catch is that they give customizable lyrics to the classic originals, tailored towards each individual wedding.

Examples include “Black Betty” being changed to “Black Wedding”. Macklemore‘s “Same Love” being reworked into a customized track for a gay wedding. But wait THERE’S MORE! You can order the deluxe edition and get master collaborator 2 Chainz in on the action.

You haven’t lived until you have watched 2 Chainz attempt to sing Swedish House Mafia‘s “Don’t You Worry Child”. It’s bad, real bad, Michael Jackson bad. At only 75 dollars an hour this is definitely a steal.

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