Drake & 40 Respond To Meek Mill, Ghostwriter’s Original “10 Bands” Leaks


Obviously the beefing between Drake and Meek Mill in the past 48 hours has gotten out of hand.

Meek started the scuffle by calling Drake out for not writing his own raps and named Ghostwriter Quentin Miller specifically as a main contributor to “Drake’s” lyrics in their collab “R.I.C.O”. Yesterday, Hot 97’s Funk Master Flex released the ghostwriter’s reference track for Drizzy’s smash “10 Bands”. Listen to that original version below. Sounds eerily similar.

Quentin Miller is credited on several songs on If You’re Reading This It’s too Late but does that really make a difference? The 6 God should’t be having to deal with these kind of accusations. Drake is without a doubt the hottest in the rap game right now, and we’re discussing his lyrical credibility! And c’mon, it’s the music industry, do people not know how this thing works?

The first OVO response to the allegations that hit the web was an instagram screenshot from @HitmanHolla, a battle rapper who used to be on Wild-N-Out, direct messaged the recently self proclaimed king of pop (R.I.C.O).

Drake went ahead and told how it is.

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The man isn’t wrong, there will always be those who hate on the greats. His producer and close friend Noah “40” Shebib, who is responsible for hits such as “Started from the Bottom, “Fuckin’ Problems”, “Headlines”, and many more, was the next to respond to the allegations. Although 40 rarely posts on twitter, he explained in detail how much talent Drake really has and how hard he has worked for his success. He also touches upon his past work with Quentin Miller. In less tweets than 40 actually sent out, here’s the jist of what he had to say. The producer makes a ton of really good points, hopefully all of this nonsense will be put to rest soon.

Check what Meek had to say at a show last night in Northern Virginia regarding the drama below. Seems like he’s being somewhat mature about it.

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