Milk N Cooks – Tasty Beats Vol. 7 (Whorganic Breast Milk) [Free Download]

Milk N Cooks FKA Milk N Cookies literally drop some of the best mixes in the game. There’s so much music out there that we don’t often post mixes but they constantly kill every single mix so they get special treatment at FITA. I mean c’mon, who the fuck else could sample Ashley Schaeffer (Will Ferrell) from Eastbound & Down and make it sound awesome. Plus Whorganic Breast Milk sounds like either a really kinky night or a trending fad from you hippie vaping bastards.

No unreleased in this one, but let’s just say a little birdie told me they have an EP dropping before it gets cold as tits outside again. Pop this on a boombox, grab some four lokos, lemonade-a-ritas, some breathmints and head out on the town for guaranteed action.

Download: Milk N Cooks – Tasty Beats Vol. 7 (Whorganic Breast Milk)

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