Mick Jenkins Announces Mixtape, Releases “Get Up Get Down”

The Mick Jenkins’ hype train has already left the station and now it’s steaming a head full throttle. This is on every hip-hop heads radar and if he isn’t you clearly aren’t an avid rap fan. Go check out his last mixtape The Water[s] if you are unfamiliar before I berate you any more in this post.

Mick just announced his new mixtape Wave[s] dropping on August 21st (once again, new music drops on Fridays because the RIAA are idiots). We not only got a single off the tape but also the entire tracklist which you can view after the jump. Kaytranada is producing so you should be super stoked.

01 Alchemy [prod. by Lee Bannon & ThemPeople]
02 Slumber [ft. Saba & Sean Deaux] [prod. by Thempeople]
03 Get Up [prod. by Stefan Ponce & Thempeople]
04 Your Love [prod. by Kaytranada]
05 Piano [prod. by Thempeople]
06 The Giver [prod. by Thempeople]
07 40 Below [prod. by Thempeople]
08 P’s & Q’s [prod. by Kaytranada]
09 Perception [ft. The Mind] [prod. by Mulatto & Thempeople]

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