Avicii Officially Remixes Iconic “Insomnia” From Faithless


If you’re not familiar with the track “Insomnia” from Faithless, it’s probably not for the lack of your musical acumen, but rather, more likely a result of simply not knowing the track and it’s name. We can’t tell you how many times you’ve definitely heard “Insomnia” in various sets throughout the years, but the iconic track is celebrating it’s 20 year Anniversary soon, and nothing says ‘Anniversary Gift’ in the music world, than an official remix from none other than Avicii himself. Set to be released sometime this week, Avicii’s official remix will obviously, and rightfully so, named “Insomnia 2.0” and surely has music fans excited to see what Avicii has in store for them this time. Take a listen to the original track below, as we anxiously await it’s release in the coming days.

[H/T] | Photo Credit: Rukes

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