The Chainsmokers Premiere New Single “Waterbed”


Nothing better than hearing that there is a new The Chainsmokers track out!! Their new song is called “Waterbed” and features soothing vocals from, you guessed it, Waterbed. This new track gives us more and more confidence that The Chainsmokers will continue to shine, this being their fifth original (read: unique, different, f*ck genres) release including catchy hits such as “Let You Go,” “Good Intentions,” “Kanye,” and “Roses” as they release a song a month. With it’s upbeat and bubbly hook, “Waterbed” is perfect for your maxin’ relaxin’ summer time playlist. Definitely a must listen as The Chainsmokers continue to deliver massive tunes time and time again. Be sure to support the dudes on iTunes.

Download: The Chainsmokers – Waterbed (Ft. Waterbed) | Spotify

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