Birdman Dumps Drink On Lil’ Wayne, Beef On A Whole New Level Now

Lil Wayne and Birdman will just not quit. It looks as if the tension between the adopted prodigal son and the Cash Money kingpin is still going strong, and presumably getting worse. In the video above, Lil Wayne can be seen covered in an unknown beverage as the camera pans up to Birdman staring menacingly down at the stage. One more quick camera pan back to Weezy’s distraught reaction and Birdman is gone, escaping into the shadows of the prestigious Miami Nightclub that moments later was shut down thanks to the incident.

Wayne is currently suing Birdman and attempting to gain his release from Cash Money Records and has been beefing with his ex-mentor and father since he called out Birdman on twitter back in 2014. After signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and the successful release of the Free Weezy Album, Lil Wayne might actually be stuntin’ harder than his daddy.


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