Eminem Drops “Phenomenal” Music Video From Upcoming Film ‘Southpaw’

You ever wonder it would look like if Eminem fought John Malkovich… me either. But now all your wildest dreams can come true. “Phenomenal” is from the upcoming movie you probably aren’t going to go see with Jake Gyllenhaal as a reigning light heavyweight boxing champion. Things happen, he hits rock bottom, and he has to persevere through the hardships. You know, basically every fighting movie ever… but we keep paying for the tickets.

I’m undecided on whether I’m impressed with this Eminem track. It’s a 7 minute version as a promo for the movie but the original is already out on iTunes. So maybe go check out that version instead. The rest of the soundtrack from the movie is pretty stacked also.

Be sure to check out his Gwen Stefani collab “Kings Never Die” as well.

Pre-order: Eminem – Phenomenal

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