The Batman Vs. Superman Movie Trailer Is Here And It’s Breathtaking

The Batman vs. Superman trailer just arrived at noon today at Comic Con and wowwwwwww. We know this isn’t music, but I figured you would all want to see it.

I had to ask some of my more comic book/nerdy friends about this post, because I have no clue what I just watched. What I do know is that I haven’t seen a movie in theaters in like 3 years…. this will be the next one. We all had our skepticism about Ben Affleck after his performance in the movie adaptation of Daredevil. I think people will no longer worry after this trailer.

So the important stuff here. They are definitely setting up for Justice League with the introduction of Wonder Woman and the Doomsday villian. Jesse Eisenberg looks amazing as Lex Luthor. They are introducing kryptonite into the fold. There is going to be a ton of epic fight scenes. Oh and they apparently announced another Green Lantern in like 2020. These movie studios are just going to be rolling in the money.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!