Introducing: Chicago Intrinsic Trap Producer Hurley Mower

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Now that EDM has taken over the globe and is mainstream we get to take a return trip to the land of groove. Chicago, a city built on a rich history of greats buds new talents daily. Logic recently saw huge success and Milk N Cookies are making massive strides. Today I want to introduce a new name to your ears. He goes by Hurley Mower and his music makes you bob. Guys like Hurley are slipping under the radar these days but today I am making sure he does not go unheard. He titles his tracks “headbob” and that is exactly what happens when you slide through his discography on his soundcloud channel.

I got two original records from Chicago native Hurley Mower.

First one up is “The Way” and secondly “Look At Me.” Both are impressive on a production level but what got me hitting repeat was how he layers everything flawlessly. This guy is only 20 years old and shows a lot of progress with each new upload. Make sure to follow him on his social media channels for more!

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