Ruby Rose From ‘OITNB’ Just Signed With Avicii’s MGMT

Ruby Rose  @rubyrose  • Instagram photos and videos

As soon as I saw Orange Is The New Black and well Ruby Rose’s androgynous face and beautiful errrrr eyes…. I knew that her DJ’ing career was going to skyrocket. Although, being a DJ and being an actual producer are two different things. Some of today’s highest paid DJs are often accused of not producing their own music. While there’s often huge uproar about this it makes perfect sense. At some point they become a brand and you just want to see them play music live and don’t care who is actually making it.

Well apparently it looks like Ruby Rose has dabbled in both the DJ’iing and the production side a bit. However, she doesn’t have a rather large following to show for it. You can check out her attempt at bootlegs and mixes on her soundcloud. Here’s her bootleg of J.Lo’s and Iggy Azaleas Booty.

So if you are pissed that someone like Ruby Rose is signing with one of the most successful managers in any industry (Ash Pournouri)… just realize that you throw a DJ like her in Vegas, with all the press recognition she has received from the show, and you make A LOT of money. I personally don’t mind getting drunk to good music and her pretty face. What do you guys think?

Here’s her Instagram in case you have no fucking clue who she is.

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