Did This Reddit User Just Leak Kanye’s West’s ‘SWISH’ Album?

Earlier today, rumors surfaced that Kanye West‘s forthcoming album SWISH had leaked – in horrible quality of course. First popping up in a Reddit thread, a user claims to have recorded the entire album from outside the building Ye was recording at.

It’s no secret that Yeezy has been randomly playing the album – remember that time he kidnapped Seth Rogen and spun the entire project in his limo?

Word is, even amidst the absolute shit quality, people were able to make out some things, including the (potential) existence of the rumored Paul McCartney collaboration “Piss On Your Grave” and another track featuring Bruno Mars.

Later a “full” tracklist surfaced, but this needs to be taken with an entire salt shaker worth of salt:


As you can see, former G.O.O.D. music member Big Sean supposedly will make an appearance as well. Only time will tell if this holds any weight though. Read the full thread here.

Let’s hope for a release sometime this decade?


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