Hopsin Goes Deep Into His Mind For New Track “Fly” [Music Video]

WOW. Hopsin just dropped a track that is going to go viral. The message behind this track can resonate with SO MANY people. If you don’t know Hopsin he’s basically still probably considered an “underground” rapper, but has the most massive online cult following you have ever seen (fuck you based god). Dude posted his phone number online to interact with fans and ended up with multi-thousand dollar phone bill in under 24 hours.

With “Fly”, Hopsin dives into some of the deep thoughts he has clearly been feeling on the “system”, while encouraging you to Fly. He discusses things like college, marketing, the endless cycles of violence, and with a powerful chorus reminding you to breakthrough all of it. He honestly hasn’t gone this hard since “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5

Pound Syndrome drops July 24th.

Purchase: Hopsin – Fly

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