Deadmau5 Goes Hip-Hop For “Are You Not Afraid Blah” Ft. Shotty Horroh


When you think Deadmau5, you probably aren’t thinking hip-hop. But you are today. Joel took to Soundcloud to upload an original called “Are You Not Afraid Blah” reportedly featuring bars from UK’s Shotty Horroh, and the beat is not only hip-hop, but easily better than a lot of today’s beats. Sounds like Linkin Park or Hilltop Hoods.. shits fire.

This originally hit the net Jan 2014 with a fuller version “Are You Not Afraid?” and slightly less raw hip hop, a bit more electronic – you can hear that below as well. It also had a comment stating that it was actually uploaded as a free download to his website, so if it sounds like you’ve heard it before, that’s probably where.

“quick and dirty retake on a fav.” -Joel

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