Did Dotcom Just Confirm He’s Marshmello Post Skrillex/Katie Couric Interview?

In case you missed it, Katie Couric interviewed Skrillex the other day and during their one-on-one conversation, the illusive producer, Marshmello, gave Skrillex a call. Skrillex answered the call, noted to Couric that is was this amazing up and coming producer named Marshmello, and then said his name, “Chris,” before hanging up.

Since the video aired there’s been a TON of speculation as to who Marshmello could actually be – most notably, Chris Comstock, who goes by the stage name of Dotcom. Why? As YourEDM pointed out, of the three major accounts following Marshmello on Twitter (Jauz, Sikdope and Dotcom), Dotcom is the only one whose first name is “Chris” – but again, could be pure coincidence.

This though… may not be a coincidence.

Earlier today… this happened:

Dotcom uploaded a preview for his new track, and the first comment (instantly) was Marshmello…

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 5.46.39 PM

But, does this all really matter anyway?

I think what people fail to see here is the incredible marketing ploy Skrillex and (whoever is actually) Marshmello pulled off. Everyone in the music world is now infatuated with Marshmello and it doesn’t even matter who he is because people are talking about him and his music. Wanna know my two cents about this? It was all a set-up to get people talking about Marshmello and the music he’s making – Skrillex could’ve used the name, “Thomas,” and people would still be talking about Marshmello (Thomas is Diplo’s first name, btw). Regardless, well played Skrillex and Couric, well played. The ‘still not discovered’ Marshmello just released a new track for you all.

Free Download: Marshmello – Know Me

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