Beatport Announces Embeddable Player For All Tracks On The Site

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.37.10 PM

Ok then. Things just got a little interesting, especially in light of my last post about Soundcloud potentially facing massive copyright lawsuits. Just announced, Beatport will now allow you to embed almost any track that the site hosts – allowing for a new streaming service, that is completely legal and may provide a slight cushion for the fall Soundcloud might be taking. I’m not surprised by this at all, but Beatport has introduced some features that I’m sure many, if not all, blogs can get behind.

Normally, you’d never be able to embed a full track from Beatport’s Library – that just changed. You can now embed any track directly from Beatport and it’ll show up on your site with the track stream in full! Even cooler – whenever you share on Twitter, your followers will be able to stream the track directly from their Twitter feed, by just clicking play on the embedded stream that shows up in your tweet! Thank you, Beatport? Check out this site HERE for more about this and instructions on it’s new features.

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