Mike Posner Releases 4 Songs From Forthcoming Album

mike posner the truth ep 2015

Mike Posner officially releases The Truth EP, four songs selected from his forthcoming album, due out later this year. You can listen via Spotify after the jump or check out the just for fans private Soundcloud stream. You can also download these, as I’m sure when the album goes live you won’t have to pay for them again.

“PS. I want to be very clear: THESE ARE FOUR SONGS SELECTED FROM THE UPCOMING ALBUM. When I put the album out, I don’t want to hear….”we’ve already heard all these soooooongs” #whinyvoice hahahahaha. love you.” -Mike Posner

Download: Mike Posner – The Truth (EP)


Here’s what the “pros” are saying:

“Mike Posner is one of the most clever, talented writers I know and this his best work yet.” -Big Sean

“These are the best songs Mike Posner has ever written.” -Avicii

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