Bronze Whale – War Of Art EP [Out Now]

Bronze Whale, the incredibly talented producers from Austin,just released their ‘War Of ArtEP. The EP combines indie with trap with electro, and everything else in between. This is what the guys had to say about the EP:

The idea of an EP was a strange concept to us. In a music culture now where songs are created and released piece by piece, creating a body of music seemed counter-intuitive.
About a year ago, we sat down and decided that we wanted a body of work that was able to do more than just be songs on a playlist. We wanted to make something that represented our ideas and art. A body of music that was not limited to a BPM or genre or fad. Something that had a unique voice.
War Of Art is just that. It’s us following our own path. We’ve worked with four of the most amazing up and coming singers to create this EP. We produced, recorded, and mastered this EP ourselves. We created our own artwork and decided to feature paintings created by Jaques’ late father.
This is our take on the war of art, and what we love so much about it.

Download: Bronze Whale – War Of Art EP

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