‘Jurassic Park’ Theme Song From 1993 Hits #1 On Billboard Charts

jurassic park theme song billboardPhoto Credit: Universal

How old were you in 1993? I was four, and that was twenty-two years ago. That’s when the original Jurassic Park hit theaters, forever securing a place in history as one of the most magical film franchises of our generation.

And now, thanks to Jurassic World, the wonders of the first film are brought back to life. This includes the infamous theme by the great composer John Williams (who has won five Oscars). Back in the day, it debuted at #28 on the Billboard Charts. Fast forward to June 2015, and it has now launched itself all the way to #1 on the Billboard Charts (for classical music). A “205 percent gain” after selling 3,000 copies last week, according to Nielsen Music. It’s sold 863,000 copies to date.

But still, think about this for a second. A song made in 1993, is still relevant today. That… is a FEAT. Congrats to John Williams and Steven Spielberg.

What’s funny is… the new movie’s soundtrack was scored by Michael Giacchino, and he’s currently sitting firmly at #126.

Relive it here:

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