Here’s Steph Curry Singing Phil Collins Because It’s The Freakin’ Weekend


Steph Curry is one of those players who even if you root against his team you have to love. You never hear anything bad about him in the news, he works his ass off in the gym, is a team player, oh and his daughter is so cute, it gives me second thoughts about pulling out on the weekends. Sorry to ruin a cute daughter statement with that follow-up, but that’s just how my mind works.

Anyways, Steph Curry is obviously on cloud nine right now and it’s well-deserved. Here we have him singing Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’ and nailing all the parts. The filming takes place from his wife Ayesha who somehow manages to keep it all together during the “MVP performance”. It’s nice to occasionally see IG filled with stuff like this and not models shooting for hearts.

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