Miley Cyrus Will Clean Your House Naked (For Charity)

miley-cyrus-amfar[1]Photo Credit: Getty

Miley Cyrus was one of the guests at the annual amfAR Inspirational Gala this past Tuesday, where she was of course a centerpiece and received numerous honors for the various roles she’s played. If you didn’t know based on her daily (hourly?) Instagram posts, Miley likes to make… let’s call them renditions (parodies?) of… well just about everything, but mostly herself, or Bieber. For this Gala though, she’s created renditions of Caitlyn Jenner‘s now infamous Vanity Fair cover, and was auctioning them off.

The bid got up to $65,000, and but that wasn’t enough for Miley so she upped the stakes. It went something like this:

“My left boob is awkwardly bigger than my right one, and I’ll show you the left one if we can get it to … all right — we’re at $65 — what about $69?”

“Sixty-nine. I’ll clean your house. Naked.”

The bid did end up hitting $69,000, no word on who the winner is or how they will collect the “prize.”


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