Madonna, Diplo, Nicki, Miley and Friends Party It Up For “Bitch I’m Madonna” Music Video

Madonna’s latest music video proves that once you have an established brand you can basically shit in a bowl and feed it to everyone as 5 star cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m our go-to pop and mainstream writer, but even I can’t defend this one. Basically the entire premise of the ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ music video is to feature Madonna and like every other celeb/artist in the world stating that they too are a “Madonna”. Essentially that she has always been one to push the envelope and ruffle everyone’s feathers and they represent those same ideals. I honestly just imagined a South Park-esque scene where Madonna absorbs Miley Cyrus and others up into her lady parts.

If the production didn’t sound like your 15 year old brother’s first trap song he ever put on soundcloud… and a smidge less of autotune, then maybe it would be an OK track. I’m just looking forward to seeing how they try and push this on the radio stations. Is it literally just going to be “I’m Madonna” over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong I have crazy respect for a legend like Madonna, but can she just focus on developing new artists or running for president like every other celeb on the downslope of their once prominent careers.

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