New Festival Dating App ‘Glance’ Is All The Rave


There’s this new App out there called, Glance, and at the moment, it’s all the rave (pun definitely intended). In a similar way to Tinder, where you swipe right for someone you think is attractive and left for someone you think is not, Glance uses the same interface, but is intended for future Festival Goers. Glance lists many Festivals throughout the summer, of which you can select the ones that you plan on attending; whether it’s two weeks from now or two months from now. After you’ve selected the festival(s) that you’ll be attending, it becomes Tinder 9.0 and matches you with other guys or girls who have also selected the same festival(s) as you, with the hopes that you’ll find your Festival Love before the party even begins.

Pros – If you’re really bored, this is an excellent app to help pass the time.

Cons – It’s made by a German company and all the festivals that are listed on the app (so far) are ones that most people haven’t heard of before, or are solely unique to Europe. Let’s put it to you this way – with Tomorrowland five weeks away, and notably the largest festival in the World, it’s not even listed on their schedule…nor is TomorrowWorld here in the States. Aside from the lack of prominent Festivals, you get to post three pictures of yourself (from Facebook only), and in your bio, you have to describe yourself in three words and three words only.

Conclusion – Unless Glance steps their game up and starts adding Festivals that appeal to the general “Festival-Goer” crowd, or expands its network outside of Europe, we really see no point in downloading this app unless you plan on going to the Verknipt Festival in Amsterdam on July 4th (killer lineup, btw).

iTunes: Glance


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