Watch Deadmau5 Crush His Bonnaroo Set, And A Beer With Left Shark


I’ve seen Deadmau5 live twice now. The first, was at Ultra 2013, and I have to say, while the “set” he played was great and all when it comes to music, it really killed the vibe there. I know many people will disagree with me, but I need to punching shit, moshing, crowd surfing by then. But that’s neither here nor there, because Bonnaroo is what Deadmau5 was made for.

If you’ve never been (I’ll be doing a review later this week), it’s a festival that has something for everyone. It’s known for otherwordly vibes, and that is exactly what we got from Joel Zimmerman.

He played a crazy unique set sprinkling in all of his timeless classics. He also continued the roll out of his new stage and touring partner, Katy Perry’s, Mr. Left Shark.

Together, they made a mockery of the “EDM” scene, literally “hitting play” while sitting on a couch sipping a beer together. Just all around epic. Only the last 30 minutes of the set was streamed live… but it’s better than nothing and you can watch it below.

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