[Must Listen] W&W Remixed Kygo’s “Stole The Show” Into An Electro Tropical House Anthem

Kygo W&W

Whoaaaaaa! How did this one fly under the radar for so long without anyone noticing!? Originally, W&W eluded to remixing Kygo‘s massive anthem, “Stole The Show,” on their FB page back in the beginning of April, when they posted a 10 second clip of it’s initial production. A few months later, it was debuted live by W&W at EDC New York – where Tiësto also played the track. Since it’s “live debut” this remix has only been played two other times; once on Tiësto’s Club Life Episode 427 and then again on Tiësto’s most recent Club Life, 428, which was dropped a few hours ago.

The remix itself is actually quite unique, as the duo manage to keep most of the Tropical House elements from the original, while incorporating a stronger bassline, a much faster BPM rate, heavier drops, and some Electro House features, that in a way, create a new genre – Electro Tropical House? Take a listen to the remix below and see if you can come up with a better categorization for the track; we’re always open to suggestions!

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