“Heaven Again” From Larcy Will Bring Out Some Serious Feels

Definitely not your Thursday night banger post you’d expect with the weekend looming near. In fact, this is quite the opposite of a banger, rather, a feeler. “Heaven Again,” from the gorgeous vocalist, Larcy, drops a powerful, moving and heart-grabbing track, in light of her best friend passing away after heart surgery. Sorry to do this to you all, but grab them tissues, cause the waterworks about to start flowing, and them feels are about to come out! Here’s what Larcy said about the track:

“I’m not sure what heaven feels like, but I imagine it feels similar to being with the people you love.

Today, on my birthday, I give to you “Heaven Again”, a song I made for my best friend Brennan Tyler Linn, who passed away three years ago after heart surgery. Though he is gone, he left me with memories of heaven…unconditional love, uncontrollable laughing and smiles that seemed permanent.

Help me celebrate this day and the people we love by reposting the song or tagging someone in the comments section below. “Floating in the sky where the clouds collide, this will be the end. When we’re in Heaven Again.”

Free Download: Larcy – Heaven Again

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