RAC – Back Of The Car (Ft. Nate Henricks)

rac back of the car

RAC is responsible for some of the most refreshing remixes we hear nowadays. It’s rare though, that we hear original content. But with “Back Of The Car” … it’s clear as day that it was totally worth the wait. It’s a story about living freely, and as someone in their mid 20’s, tied up with the cube life (and more), it really makes you think.

“This is the first time I’m putting out a song 100% independently. In the past I’ve always needed extra financial support to put out original material. I’m taking a risk here by funding it on my own, but I’ve been lucky enough to always have YOUR support. That support is largely why I’ve been able to make a career out of this. I believe that if you focus on the music that everything else will fall in place.
This song is the first in a series of singles I’ll be releasing for the next undetermined while. It’s fitting that the first song is about living freely.”

Download: RAC – Back Of The Car (Ft. Nate Henricks)

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