Dylan Owen Drops ‘There’s More To Life’ EP [Stream]

If you heard Dylan Owen‘s album promo track “These Best Fears Of Our Lives” you should be well aware of what you’re about to hear. With There’s More To Life, the up and coming rapper tackles his transition into young adulthood with an emotional, hip-hop-meets-indie-rock project.

“Struggling to find my identity in this huge world, I reflect on the psychological adventures of my childhood and teenage years to discover why I am who I am,” explains the 22 year-old, whose music is influenced by a range of artists, including Atmosphere, Bright Eyes, Eminem, and Talib Kweli. “I started to come to grips with the things I won’t be able to do in life. There’s a lot of fear in that, but ultimately, I encourage myself and others who relate that there will be more to life than what we’ve known.” – Dylan Owen

Download: Dylan Owen – There’s More To Life (Album)

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