Steve Angello’s “Children Of The Wild ” Ft. Mako Is Officially Here

children of the wild

This anthem has been brewing for a long time but Steve Angello is finally releasing it officially. Read what the former Swedish House Mafia DJ had to say about his newest single featuring Mako, “Children of the Wild.”

“It’s gone through so many different vibes…Usually, you overwork it until you realize you need to cut down the fat and go back to basics. What we came back to in the end was just the basics – the bass guitar, the guitar, simple drums and strings. A lot of people tend to overproduce a lot of songs. I wanted to keep the lead very iconic and very lonely. I wanted it to be that one lead vocal and then this kids’ choir. It feels British, somehow. If you look at British rock or indie, back in the day, it was always that lead vocal.”

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