Deep Chills Serves Up An Addicting Summer Remix Of Simioli & Provenzano & Scarlet’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” Cover

Deep Chills obviously needs no introduction by now, as his Soundcloud has racked up well over a million plays, and that number is sure to keep climbing with tracks like this! The original track, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” from Bill Withers is one of those classics that few evoke strong melancholic, tropical, and positive vibes that have been unmatched for decades…until now!

If you asked most people, they would highly advise remixing such a classic, but Italian Producers Simioli & Provenzano went for it with Scarlet‘s gorgeous vox on the rework, and were very successful. [Insert Deep Chills Here] – The 18 year old Italian producer takes Simioli’s remix and adds his signature, uplifting, tropical house elements, while at the same time, taking us on a roller-coaster ride full of highs that make you want to get up and dance, and lows that are perfect for mellowing out to and watching the sunset, while drinking Coronas on the beach. This track has late-night summer beach party anthem written all over it. Deep Chills’ remix drops on Beatport on June 15th!

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