DJ Steve Porter’s Entourage Montage Remix Has Us So Amped For The Movie

With the Entourage Movie dropping tonight, DJ Steve Porter just unleashed one of his best ‘remix/montage’ videos, incorporating “Superhero” (the show’s theme song), with all the best scenes from Entourage! As if we needed another reason to be stoked about the movie, Porter just got us jacked up for tonight’s premiere! In case you’re not familiar with Porter’s work, he’s notoriously known for his videos shown on SportsCenter, but this one is definitely #1 in the Top 10. Here’s what Porter had to say about the track:

“Started this “Superhero” remix (theme to Entourage) project with Perry Farrell before our performance at Coachella in 2010. For a variety of reasons we never officially put out the track, but I decided to overlay some of the more memorable moments from the show on top. Not exactly a remix mashup, but with the movie now out, now or never!”

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