Steve Angello Announces Release Date Of Next Single


So what’s the saying…”better late than never?” Lol, we’ll that couldn’t be more true with Steve Angello and the announcement of his next release. Taking to Instagram, Angello announced that “Children of the Wild” Ft. Mako, will be released on June 1st.

Despite what other sites are saying this is 100% NOT a new track. Angello actually played this track almost two years ago at Tomorrowland and we tweeted at Mako about a year ago and you can see their response below. Clearly the anticipated release date of June 2014 didn’t happen, but we’re glad hear this track will see the light of day very soon! Just so happens we found the track as an “ID”, from years ago, in our database…lucky us! Take a listen to it below as we wait for “Children of the Wild” to drop in a few days.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.54.44 PM

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!