Lil’ Wayne & Wiz Khalifa Take On DJing, Already Charging A Fortune

lil wayne djing

As if there aren’t enough DJ’s in the world already… and as if the EDM movie isn’t already making a mockery of it (all you need is a laptop and *some* talent), it looks like there are two new additions to the decks.

Both Lil’ Wayne and Wiz Khalifa have reportedly taken on DJing. And as if they aren’t already making shit loads of money with their hella lurcrative rap careers, they will of course be charging a small fortune (to start) for their new career paths according to TMZ (who else?), following in Snoop Dogg’s footsteps. This includes, of course, a residency in Las Vegas.

They’re still working on completely setting their prices, but for now you can get Lil’ Wayne for a cool $60K to DJ an event, while Wiz aka DJ Daddy Cat is going for a mere $25K. Both artists have already been booked.

Strap in folks, going to guess they’re not the last.

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