Deadmau5 & Grabbitz’s “Silent Picture” Vocal Edit Is Full Of Feels

deadmau5 2015

About 8 months ago, a vocalist by the name of Grabbitz (Monstercat artist who just released an EP last month) uploaded a vocal edit to Deadmau5‘s “Silent Picture” from while 1<2 album. And of course, Joel Zimmerman heard it, loved it, and reached out via Twitter to finish it up for an official release. It was previewed a few days ago, and now it’s done and we’ve got the full 7 minute version for you.

The end result… flawless:

This of course isn’t the first time social media led to a collaboration – he linked up with Chris James randomly as well, releasing “The Veldt” shortly after (woah, that was 3 years ago).

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!