Paris Hilton Releases “High Off My Love” Music Video Ft. Birdman

Paris Hilton just released the visuals to her new Cash Money Record (not Young Money) track, “High Off My Love,” featuring Birdman, and honestly it’s not all bad…but most is. Hear me out.

Paris looks smoking hot throughout the video (like porn-star hot), which helps draw attention away from the sheer lack of creativity, catchiness, and heinous vocals that should’ve never come outta her mouth. Birdman “raps” for about 16 seconds towards the end of the video, and truthfully, I don’t know who to be more embarrassed for. Pretty sure Weezy is LOL-ing right now while sitting on a bed of money and bumpin Tha Carter V and waiting for Birdman to allow for it’s release.

My thoughts: if Paris’ album drops before The Carter V, Weezy will throw up two middle fingers and release it as a “mixtape”…zero f*cks given.

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