Watch This 5 Minute Short Film On Why We Should Kill Drake

Chris Cole of NYU had the great idea of using his Drake for his latest school project and turning it into a 5 minute short film.

This video is one of the greatest things I have watched in a while for a few different reasons.

A) This kid is probably going to make an A on a project with the most ridiculous subject matter ever selected
B) The lines describing all the various things he has done because of his adoration of Drake are just priceless (12 hours for the album, go check out piratebay bro)
C) For 4 and a half minutes you think this is just another Drake fan describing their love for the ever popular artist…. and then you realize he’s suggesting the only thing left for Drake is too die. Which is probably the same plot ending we are going to have for Frank Underwood in ‘House of Cards’.
D) If you know how the internet works, there is literally no way Drake doesn’t end up seeing this at some point and interacts with Chris.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!