Sam Feldt Drops “Show Me Love” Music Video, Talks Tropical House, Partying With Oliver Heldens In Exclusive Interview

Ever since DJ/Producer and Amsterdam-native Sam Feldt burst onto the scene with ‘Hot Skin,’ the inventor of self-dubbed “Happy House” has released hit after hit. His single ‘Show Me Love’ has become a huge international success and he just released the remix by EDX which shot straight to #1 overall on the Hype Machine popular chart. We reached out to Sam and asked him about the story behind “Show Me Love,” his USA tour plans (get ready!), remix plans for “Show Me Love” (see below for which artists will be on it!), his merchandise which is in the works, and other projects he has coming up – keep your eye out for a couple of remixes!

iTunes: Sam Feldt – Show Me Love

Read the full interview below!

FITA: So how did “Show Me Love” happen? The original is such a legendary dance track.

Sam: The A&R of my label Spinnin’ Records approached me, telling me that they found this awesome cover of ‘Show Me Love’ on YouTube, sung by Kimberley Anne. When I heard it, I was immediately captivated by her voice and started working on the track. Though challenging, because there are already so many remixes of the Robin S original, working on the track turned out to be a lot of fun!

FITA: I know you’re constantly asked about tropical house, deep house, etc. But do you see it sticking around?

Sam: I think house in general will always be part of music culture. People will always want to be able to enjoy music in the club and dance to it, and house is perfect for that. Deep house and tropical house are just sub genres of that, and will stick around as long as there are enough people that are a fan of the genre or just generally like the style of music.

FITA: How were you inspired to move into this “tropical” sounding direction?

Sam: When I started to produce the style of music that is now called Tropical House, thanks to Thomas Jack finding a suitable name for it, it’s wasn’t yet called Tropical House. I rather called it melodic house, because all tracks were based around melodies instead of grooves or just drum loops and stabs. I became interested in the melodic house genre when I was doing my internship at a beach club on the Caribbean island of Curacao. A lot of melodic house was being played there and I really liked it a lot, so ended up surfing SoundCloud a lot and looking for other tracks in the genre. When I came back home in the Netherlands I started producing it as well.

FITA: You’ve seen a lot of success in the USA. When can we expect a US/North America tour?

Sam: First of all, thanks for having me! A lot of my fans are from the USA indeed and I’m planning to come back to the states in May again. It’s gonna be my third tour stateside and I’m really excited for it. The full tour schedule, including how to get tickets for it, should be announced soon through my Facebook page.

FITA: We saw that awesome Miami aftermovie that you put out! Can you tell us more about your experience in Miami? Did you meet any artists for the first time? Craziest clubs/parties you went to?

Sam: Definitely! It was my first time in Miami and what better time to visit than during the Winter Music Conference with parties everywhere and every day? I had a really busy Miami week playing seven different shows and hopping on a lot of Ubers in between for interviews and other press events, so I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to what the conference and Miami is all about. Because I had such a busy schedule I didn’t visit a lot of parties I didn’t play at (unfortunately, there were some really fun parties that I would have loved to go to), so to choose the best party of the week I have to pick one of my own shows. All the shows were really fun (I even played in an exclusive Uber yacht together with Hardwell) but the one I liked the most was the Heldeep Pool Party of Oliver Heldens, where I played in the afternoon. Even though it was still early people were really into the music and jumping and dancing throughout my entire set. Great vibes!

FITA: You’ve had such major success with “Show Me Love” having over 5 million plays on Soundcloud. What do you think it is about that track that appealed to such a large audience?

Sam: This was only the beginning. Over the months of May and June it’s getting a worldwide release through Universal Music which is a really big deal for me. I think the reason why a lot of people like the track is the fact that it’s such a feel good tune and it’s hard not to get in a good mood listening to it. Another thing that helps is that a lot of people know the lyrics to the track already, from the 90’s classic by Robin S. So people can instantly sing along and the track brings back memories for a lot of people I think.

FITA: Who would you like to see remix “Show Me Love”?

Sam: We actually have a great remix pack coming up with remixes by Quintino, EDX and Kryder. I’ve already heard two of them and they are really awesome. The EDX version I just started playing in my sets and the response from the crowds has been amazing so far. 

FITA: You started the Sneeuwkust mixtape with one of my favorite quotes from my favorite speech of all time, Jim Carrey’s address (quote begins at 11:18) at the Maharishi University graduation. I’ve watched that video probably 10 times and it inspires me every time. What were your major takeaways from his speech and can you recommend any other inspirational speeches or books for our viewers to watch or read?

Sam: I know this might sound cheesy, but I think the main message I get from this speech and a lot of other quotes I put in my mixes is that you should find something that you love to do and then go for it, instead of opting for a false sense of security by getting a day job that pays well but that you hate. I believe that if you are truly passionate about something and dedicate a lot of time to it, you will automatically become really good at it and will be able to make money with your passion one way or another. It’s all about taking that step. Keep an eye on my future mixes if you like this and my other quotes.

FITA: There are lots of Djs that are getting involved in clothing, creating their own merchandise and clothing lines. Has anyone approached you with a clothing partnership yet or have you considered trying your hand in clothing?

Sam: Yep! I am actually in the process of setting up a way for fans to buy t-shirts and other merchandise but this takes some time because I want to do it right the first time. I don’t just want to put my logo on a random shirt. The clothes would have to be something that I would want to wear myself, with quality and cool designs as number one priorities. The line and the shop should be opened in the next couple of months though! 

FITA: Which vocalists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Sam: Haha, I’ve actually got a big list of vocalists that I’d love to work with. I would love to work on something with for example Jasmine Thompson, Jose Gonzalez, Joshua Radin or Jack Johnson. I’m quite open to work with anyone that has an amazing voice though. I feel like my type of music really works well with vocal top lines and all the tracks that I have finished for the next couple of months feature vocalists. 

FITA: Lastly, what songs, remixes, and/or EP’s can we expect from you in the near future?

Sam: Like I said earlier, “Show Me Love” is getting a worldwide release through Universal and should be available worldwide soon. I just released “Midnight Hearts” together with The Him on Spinnin’ Deep last month and a remix to Zwette’s “Rush” featuring the amazing vocals of Molly. I’m also releasing two new remixes in the next couple of weeks, one of Showtek’s “90s by Nature” and one of Gabriel & Castellon’s “Shut Your Eyes”. A lot of new stuff to look forward to!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!