Besnine Release “A New Era” Groovy Electro Pop EP

Besnine, now a multi-genre quartet hailing from Paris, France, have really outdone themselves. The french house/disco/electro pop/hip-hop group have released A New Era, a 6 track EP that’s bound to get you dancing in your seat. If you liked Daft Punk and Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” this entire project is for you. It’s out now on Paris/London’s Yunizon Records and you can stream the full project above, and grab your copy below. This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of Besnine.

“The main song of the EP, called “A New Era”, actually relates a legendary battle from another time, and it’s been written to invoke the warrior hidden in everyone’s heart. And even though the “good king” dies in my story, his hope will live forever through his last words: “People started to believe again, together we built a world of peace. It all started from a dream, but it will forever be known as The New Era”.”

Download: Besnine – A New Era (EP)

[Bio via FS]

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