Whitney Houston – Dance With Somebody (INSTRUM Remix) [Free Download]

First, I know that Halogen remixed this very song not even 24 hours ago. Their remix is fantastic and so is this one from Instrum. They’re both entirely different sounds, but felt it was important to show off both tracks to appeal to everyone!

So here’s the lowdown on Instrum. He’s a 21 year old producer out of New York, who was just signed to the TropiKult family, and makes dope Tropical, Future and Deep House beats. Get familiar with the guy, cause he’s about to make massive splash’s in the music world!

Incorporating all the essential elements of Tropical, Future and Deep House into his remix of Whitney’s, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” Instrum shows off his ability to manipulate different genres into a single track, without missing a beat or any flinch of an error.

The beauty of this remix is it can be played anywhere; pool parties, clubs, bars, cruising in your whip (hopefully with some subs), the beach…it doesn’t matter; it’s got so much going for it, there’s no ill-advised time to play this. Grab it as a free download below, and be sure to keep Instrum on your radar, as big things are coming for him in the near future!

Free Download: Whitney Houston – Dance With Somebody (INSTRUM Remix)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!