[FITA Premiere] – Snøwmass Introduces Himself With His World-Class Rendition Of “Faded”

As you probably know, we here at FITA get a lot of remix submissions of vastly overplayed songs. As an electronic music fanatic who listens to dozens of new tracks everyday, I preach to my producer friends to create unique songs and sounds, as a form of separating their music from the pack. However, amongst a plethora of mediocre remixes to popular songs (Faded included), there are always one or two tracks that shine. This is one of those tracks and we guarantee you’ll be happy you took five minutes out of your day to listen!

As a former intern with Krewella, Snøwmass learned from some serious talent and has rendered one of the best remixes of Zhu‘s – “Faded” we’ve heard to date…and we’ve heard a lot of them. Vocals aside, this is an entirely original production from Snøwmass himself, and if the track doesn’t grab your attention within the first 30 seconds, you’re truly missing out on one of the best up-and-coming producers to step into the game!

We couldn’t be more stoked to show off Snøwmass’ talents to you all today, and expect plenty more from the Chicago native in the coming weeks. It may be summertime, but Snøwmass is now here to keep things cool as ice!

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Free Download: Zhu – Faded (Snøwmass Remix)

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