FITA’s Top 10 Camping Tips For Mysteryland USA


There is no better way to experience Mysteryland USA than to experience it by camping! The Mysteryland ‘Holy Grounds‘ camping experience speaks for itself; you will be camping right on the sacred grounds of ’69 Woodstock – That’s one hell of a story for your grandkids! As this was my first camping experience, I really had no idea what to expect but fortunately for you, we at FITA have compiled a list of the Top 10 Camping Tips For #MLUSA!

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FYI: This list is in no order, just 10 tips to help make your camping experience the absolute best!

1) Never be judgmental and always be open to experience new things

2) Make friends with your neighbors, they may become long-lasting friendship

3) Make sure you bring non-perishable foods, they are very useful

4) Clean up after yourselves, so that means bring garbage bags

5) Bring extra shoes and a pair rain boots, they will be useful

6) Do not overpack because once entering the Holy Grounds, there is no re-entry

7) If you need to overpack, purchase a small wagon to make traveling with your cargo from the parking area to the Holy Grounds much easier

8) Don’t forget toilet paper or baby wipes, you will regret not having them

9) Don’t be an asshole; nobody wants to be woken up by the kid partying too hard at 7am

10) PLUR – Be PEACEFUL with one another, be LOVING to your fellow campers, UNITE with your fellow Nomads, and RESPECT each-other for being different

If you need your cellphone throughout the weekend, invest in a locker; I charged my phone and camera every night in one of the lockers

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!