Ultra Music Festival Slashes Ticket Prices For 2016

ultra music festival

When Ultra Music Festival‘s prices were revealed for 2015, many people had borderline heart attacks. Didn’t the folks over at UMF realize that once they got rid of the prepubescents by (thankfully!!!) making the festival 18+, that they lost a ton of daddy’s credit cards? Jk. Kinda. But seriously, fans complained, and by the looks of it, UMF listened.

While this year you could end up paying up to $450 for a GA ticket (not including fees of course), for 2016 they’ve cut the GA regular admission pricing to $324.95, a fairly sizable savings. The early bird tickets will be starting at only $249.95, but to be eligable you must register first.

The festival will be held March 18th-20th of 2016, but tickets go on sale in just a few days on May 4th, 2015.

ultra 2016 ticket prices

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