Hulu Brings ‘Seinfeld’ To Online Streaming With $180 Million Deal

seinfeld hulu

Before reality TV was killing brain cells, before How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory, before Two And A Half Men, even before Friends, there was the greatest sitcom of all time. We are of course referring to Seinfeld. Until today, the only way to relive the magic was getting lucky on T.V. or dusting off that DVD player (VCR anyone?), but that has all changed.

Hulu just spent a whopping $180 MILLION to acquire every episode of the series for their online streaming service.

That’s almost $1 mil per episode. The nice chunk of change will be split between Sony TV, Time Warner’s Castle Rock Entertainment, and “profit participants” from the show themselves, like Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

If you don’t currently use Hulu, it’s pretty solid and at $7.99/month it’s light on the wallet. Sure, you may be put off by the ads, but they’re usually pretty relevant.

Anyway… time to celebrate!

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